Who We Are

Don’t we often look at children and wonder: How do they come up with such intriguing stories and different ways of looking at the same old things? Over the years, we, the Miracle Workers, have honed our filmmaking skills but remained young at heart, child-like in our wonder of stories, and holding a strong belief in miracles that can actually happen.

So we come up with disruptive ideas and tell stories that need to be out in the world. The Miracle Workers are a company of directors, producers, writers and other creative beings who all want one thing: to make memorable and innovative films. We are an end-to-end creative and production company and have done some great work; our forte is matching brands and subject matter to great visual ideas that represent it perfectly on screen. We bring the same passion to all our work, from massive productions to small but interesting projects.



Abhishek Singh Chauhan

Deepti Nangia

Arpan Pagoriaa

Executive Producer
Pratik Ramesh Prabhan

Anuradha Mehta

Sandeep Raj Shaandilya

Production Head


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612, Mastermind - 5, Royal Palms, Aarey Colony,
Goregaon East, Mumbai - 400065

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Arpan: +91 98919 09016

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